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The General Direction for Development Cooperation is divided into 12 separate offices; one central technical unit and two Task Force units with specific responsibilities and tasks.

Office I: Development Cooperation Politics in the EU

Tasked with development cooperation strategies and politics at EU level; with participation and management of EU financial tools and the realization of approved programs; with relations with the European Bank for Investments, and of delegated cooperation and donor relations.

Office II: Multilateral Cooperation

Responsible for relationships with International Organizations, and multilateral forums, including international financial institutions.

Office III: Development Cooperation for the Balkans and Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Basin, Middle East and Central Asia

Responsible for Development Cooperation programs and initiatives in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, as well as the Mediterranean Basin, Middle East and Central Asia.

Office IV: Development Cooperation for Sub-Saharan Africa

Responsible for Development Cooperation programs and initiatives in Sub-Saharan African countries.

Office V:  Development Cooperation for Asia, Oceania and the Americas

Responsible for Development Cooperation programs and initiatives in Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

Office VI: Emergency and Humanitarian Aid

Responsible for carrying out emergency and humanitarian aid projects.

Office VII: Relations with civil society, Non-governmental and voluntary organizations

Responsible for NGO viability, NGO’s project approval and related financial contributions; and legal, economic and social security matters of NGO volunteers.

Office VIII: Programming and monitoring of cooperation budget, gender issues, rights of minors and persons with disabilities

Responsible for defining cooperation policy lines and sectors; budget; statistics; inter-institutional relations; aid effectiveness; policy coherence for development; relations with the Global Fund for Fight against Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria; loans and development cooperation programs financed by debt cancellation or conversion.

Office IX: Initiative Evaluation and Visibility

Responsible for the evaluation in progress and post of cooperation programs and the visibility and communication of Italian Cooperation policies.

Office X: Juridical and Accountability issues, financial management of loans

Responsible for juridical issues related to the matters of Dgcs, activities connected to  legal fights, to the financial management of loans and of conversion and debt cancellation initiatives. 

Office XI: Management and Promotion of Instrumental Resources

Responsible for acquisitions, expenses and allocation of funds to local technical units.

Office XII: Management and Promotion of Human Resources

Responsible for matters related to the legal status and economic treatment of external personnel employed by the Dgcs and by local technical units,  of sending external personnel to missions abroad and of the settlement and payment of related reimbursements and indemnities.


Central technical unit

Provides technical support for the decision, management and control of cooperation programs and performs study and search activities on cooperation issues.


Task Force Iraq

Created in 2003, it is an inter-ministerial coordination effort, overseen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, to put into action an emergency aid plan as well as capacity building in favor of Iraq.

Task Force Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar

Created in 2012 for the management and coordination of Italian programs in favor of the development of countries which are going through crisis situations (Afghanistan and Pakistan) or, in the case of Myanmar, which are in a critical phase of reform.