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3 years' guidelines


2014 and the following three years are of great importance for redefining the profile and goals of Italian Development Cooperation. At the internal level, Parliament has approved the new law 125/2014, which organically reforms the rules concerning cooperation, 27 years after law 49/87 which regulated the subject till today. For the second year in a row, the law of stability confirmed and consolidated the available resources, coherent with a gradual and realistic way to reenter into European standards after many years of budget constraints.  Italy will host the Milan EXPO 2015 –with a theme of Feeding the Planet – Energy for Life”, which has a strong affinity with the global objectives of international cooperation. On the international level, 2014 was the last preparatory year for the important appointments which will lead in 2015 to the adoption of the new development Agenda at the United Nations, the first attempt to put in writing the common language of a new development model around which all actors of the international community could converge.

In spite of this coincidence of international and internal deadlines, the result of the political battle to affirm the reasons of Italian responsibilities in development cooperation should not be taken for granted. Among the most problematic legacies of the European economic crisis these last few years is the domestic withdrawal of funds for international emergencies and crises, and in general, an instinctive response  which causes legislators to focus foremost on Italian domestic issues rather than looking ahead with the aim of international social, environmental and economic stability and harmony.

For this reason, besides the ad hoc communications, every international appointment, every domestic debate should continue to serve as a pretext for advocacy in favor of cooperation. Only a narrative on human, political and economic reasons of cooperation, on the effectiveness of its impact, and the justness of its objectives can guarantee the necessary legitimacy to build the necessary political consensus to endow the country with new tools and regulations, and to ensure to the cooperation players resources with which to be able to operate.


Documento triennale di programmazione e di indirizzo (Delibera CICS n. 2/2015) now available in Italian only


Italy's development cooperation in the 2014-2016 three-year period