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Italian cooperation and universities


Italian Cooperation has a solid tradition of promoting and sustaining collaboration between Italian universities and universities in developing countries. In the past few years, an increased number of programs in the Balkans and in Mediterranean countries has been developed, thanks also to the fact that Italian Development Cooperation projects are well integrated with cultural programs.

Inter-University Development Cooperation and assistance programs have also been geared toward the financing of specialization and master courses. There are regular relationships with the Conference of President of Italian universities and the Interuniversity Consortium for Development Cooperation (CONICS) for realization of programs of each Italian University in different countries or aid sectors.

The longstanding collaboration between DGCS and Italian universities was recognized and renewed in its contents in the document “Development Knowledge: Guidelines for Development Cooperation with Universities and Centers for Research and Development” presented at the Executive Committee of 27th March 2014. The aim of the document is to recognize the commitment and the work done by Italian universities in the promotion and sharing of development knowledge and in the training of qualified human resources. It establishes the three main branches of university cooperation intended as cooperation realized by Dgcs with universities and centers for research in favor of partner countries. Finally, it establishes the fundamental criteria according to which joint initiatives are chosen, first of all the one of aid effectiveness.