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Italian NGOs 


Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) indicates every local, national or international organization, not created by governments, which are not part of governmental structures and are committed to social solidarity and development cooperation.  Office VII of Italian Cooperation deals with NGOs.


NGO Qualification

Law 49/87 provides that, after a highly selective process, NGOs can obtain the qualifications to implement development cooperation projects.


NGOs in Italy

The first NGOs were created at the beginning of the 1960s as a spontaneous movement to address the needs of the populations of the southern part of the world thanks to a shared political vision of their problems.  Since the 1970s several Italian NGOs have decided to join three great federations with a coordinating role:

  • Italian NGO Association (AOI) – represents more than 250 organizations;
  • Link 2007 coordinates 9 NGOs;
  • Italian Coordination of International Networks (CINI) coordinates 5 NGOs belonging to international networks;
  • Concord Italia is a federation which coordinates NGOs active at the European level in the sectors of development cooperation, humanitarian aid, global education and raising public awareness.


In the field of humanitarian aid AGIRE (Italian Agency to Address Emergencies) represents a joint mechanism to raise funds for ten Italian NGOs which have decided to coordinate their action to give assistance to the populations stricken by serious humanitarian emergencies.

Finally, seven Italian and foreign NGOs have created the network Alliance 2015 focused on the issue of aid effectiveness.